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  1. Granny Square - When presented as shown in your sample, I can see how working in the back loop would keep things a bit straightish-er. Janice - your afghan looks lovely! I am working with a thicker yarn, so I think the back loop method would work better. The sample I've worked up using a single crochet and working flat with same side facing just doesn't look as nice. Or, I skip this idea for the thicker yarn and save it for a yarn that is size 4 or less. Thank you so so much for your help and thoughts! I really appreciate it.
  2. Hi - My name is Amy and I live in the midwest. I came here looking for help last night. My question was already answered! You are all amazing!! I am a knitter and wanted to try crocheting. I've been doing it for about a year and a half and I love it! I have made many afghans and hats, coin purses, coasters and bags. I'm currently working on an afghan for my son and his girlfriend. This is a wonderful site and thanks to all who contribute to it.
  3. Ohhhh, I see. Thank you so much! And just to clarify, if I always work right to left, then there is no need to increase/decrease every third row...is that correct?
  4. I love the idea of making fringe as shown in this afghan: http://sunshinescreations.vintagethreads.com/2012/08/free-pattern-grandmas-touch-of-south.html However, I'm confused about the directions. The author says to "crochet in one direction." Another poster said that in order to keep the afghan straight, you need to increase and decrease every third row. Is this true? And is the increase and decrease done in the same row? If anyone has experience crocheting an afghan with fringe like this, please let me know if I can sc crochet across, cut the yarn, add the new strand, turn the work and continue across the other way. Then, at the end, cut the yarn, add a new strand, turn my work and crochet across. I did a sample swatch and didn't increase or decrease every third row, and the piece looks straight to me. Thank you for your help!
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