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  1. I encountered the same stitch numbering problem! But I decided that you must only count one of the skipped chains when you start on the third chain, so I just ignored it. I contacted Sirdar's helpline, but I think I will give up on this pattern unless they can figure it out. I have too much to knit and crochet before this baby arrives! Are there any good baby pattern brands that you would recommend? Sirdar is the best one for knitting baby patterns over here, but maybe their crochet patterns aren't so good. Thanks again for your help!
  2. Hello! Another question from me about the same pattern... The strap is just not working for me! (See pic of pattern, using UK terms). By my reading, after I have done the initial 8 stitches for the first row, I then do another 7 - working into the underside of the chain I just worked into - so it makes a kind of horseshoe shape. But then it wants me to turn and make the buttonhole after 11 stitches. When I do that, the buttonhole ends up off to the side, and things go from bad to worse after that. I took the third row to mean "1dc into each of the remaining 12 or so stitches in the horses
  3. Thanks to both of you! I think that's what I'll do then - I'll just add a stitch to the foundation chain. I know everything is daunting for a beginner, but this pattern does seem unnecessarily complicated. I have been very tempted to give up on it a few times!
  4. I had originally assumed that you don't work into a turning chain, but then my stitch count didn't seem to work. Honestly, I think one of the hardest things about starting crochet is getting the counting right! Does the pattern and number of stitches required make sense to you if I'm not working into the turning chain? I saw from your blog that you don't count the turning chain as a stitch, but the pattern wants it to be counted. So maybe it wants me to count it, but not work into it? I'm really sorry for all of the questions. I have been solely relying on online tutorials until now!
  5. Thanks so much for your detailed response! It's so helpful. So you think the pattern just wants me to move the 2DC from the second-last stitch to the last for rows 2, 3 and 4?
  6. Hello! This is a Sirdar pattern with UK terms. After the first row, it says 'work three rows'. Does this mean I just do three normal rows of double crochet (single in US) with an extra stitch at the end as specified, or should I repeat the instructions for the first row? But I think if I did that it would have too many stitches. Also, any tips on crocheting into turning chains? By the time I get back to the turning chain on row 1 when crocheting row 2, it's always lower down than the other stitches I'm working into or just generally wonky! Thanks
  7. Hello! I'm new here and new to crochet - so I hope you don't mind lots of questions. I have a baby on the way, which has started me on my crocheting journey! I'm OK at making things once I know what I'm doing, but I do need to be spoon-fed how to do everything 🙈
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