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  1. Thank you for adding the caveat about other patterns and how they might read. I will keep that in mind. The greatest take-away you have given me is how to handle that double crochet turning chain. Now, the edge is so beautiful and perfect looking! I added a little "trick" to help me (again, something you recommended) - I use stitch markers at both ends of the rows (10 each) and "free-style" crochet between them which has also helped me keep track of the number of stitches. Plus I don't have to put a stitch marker in every stitch - 20 is a lot better than 69! Jane :-)
  2. Granny Square and magiccrochetfan - I have good news! I finally figured it out thanks to the hint Granny Square gave me - "The easiest work around IMO is make the turning 'chain' as a phony DC consisting of: chain 1, sc in the first stitch, chain 1 or 2 (whichever matches your DC stitch height best), so the sc + chains count as the first DC, and are IN the first DC of the row below. Then when you make the return pass, the last stitch will be in the top chain that you made with the "sc + chain dc". I did it and it worked!!! I don't even have to use 69 stitch markers now that I've got it figu
  3. After taking a day off from yarn, I returned today and did an experiment using the stitch markers as you suggested. I have found the solution! Instead of placing a stitch marker at every tenth stitch, I put a stitch marker in EVERY stitch, counting to make sure I had 69, then I patiently moved EACH stitch marker to its counterpart in the row I just did, and stuck a stitch marker in EVERY stitch there! Then, after every successful row with 69 stitches, I rewarded myself with a swig of a nice single malt scotch (neat) - I may not get very many rows done but at least I know each row contains t
  4. My sincere thanks to Granny Square, magiccrochetfan and Helen. Yes, I'm new to crocheting (quarantining is a strong motivator to learn a new skill). I appreciate your detailed responses. I will try out your suggestions using a small swatch to practice on rather than on the baby blanket itself. I've probably crocheted the equivalent of the whole blanket if I include all the rows I've pulled out because the counting is off! Today I am not touching any yarn so that I can let my pea-size brain take a break and have a beer! I will let you know how things work out once I get up the nerve to tr
  5. I'm having difficulty counting crochet stitches and could use some sage advice. Simple, right? Not for me - I do a row and count - no problem - I do the next row and the count is not the same. This seems to happen whenever I go from a single crochet row to a double crochet row and then back to a single crochet row. It is driving me nuts! I even made hash marks on paper and saw that I can count it two ways - which is my problem. I start with the first stitch and count it as number one. I count nine stitches - OK. But If I start from the stitch I identify as number nine and go back to fi
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