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  1. Aah thank you!! Did some manoeuvring with the working strand and I think I’ve sorted it now.. not entirely sure how but if it works, it works! I guess this is what happens when you jump in without learning the proper techniques first 🤣 Thanks again for your quick advice!
  2. Hi! I’m hoping one of you lovely people can help me.. I’m very new to crochet and just starting my first project following this YouTube tutorial: It’s been going surprisingly well so far but somehow I’ve gotten stuck when trying to start my 4th repeat going from a single crochet row to a double (using US terms as in the vid). I’ll try and add a picture of where I’m up to atm.. I tried to turn my work to start on the next double row but it was getting stuck trying to pull through the second stitch, I think maybe because the working yarn is in the wrong place? Like it’s in front when it feels like it should be behind... Honestly have no idea what went wrong or how to fix it but it’s driving me mad If anyone is able to figure out my mess and set me back on the right track I will be so grateful!! https://postimg.cc/DS3YYNfH
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