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  1. I am stuck on row 8 of edging. I cannot get the corners figured out. Row 8 is the first row that mentions “within 4 sps of corner ch 2 sp”. All previous rows said corner ch 3 sp. I cannot get this corner to work out and am wondering if the instructions for this row are wrong. If not, can someone explain the sequence inside the [ ] for row 8 edging.
  2. I am having trouble with row 8 of edging. When i get to the corner i cannot get it to work out correctly. Row 7 is correct. Row 8 is first row to mention “within 4 sps of corner ch 2 sp”. Up til row 8, it was ch 3 sp. No matter what i try, this corner doesn’t work. Can you explain the corner on row 8 to me please?
  3. The instructions for the edging on this pattern are horrible! Instead of giving stitch count per side, it’s given for entire blanket so if you are off, it’s impossible to figure out where. I’ll get it finished but won’t do this edging pattern ever again! Never had this much trouble with a pattern in 40 years!!!
  4. Thank you so much for your help. I got around the first two rows of the edging but upon counting i am short 4 stitches on row 2. I think it must be an error from row one corners. Not sure how to fix. Can you clarify what to do at corners in row 1? I’ll rip out both rows if needed
  5. I didn’t have any problems with the pattern until i got to the edging and the instructions are just not very clear, at least to me. All help appreciated!
  6. On the first row of sc for edging, when i get to the end of the first side i place 2 sc in space but how do i turn the corner? It’s not clear to me what to do at the corner. Is it 2 sc in that space and then a sc in first dc on 2nd side? Please help!
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