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  1. Thank you @magiccrochetfan i think there may be a typo in this pattern as there’s only one size. That’s where I became confused. 😀
  2. Having a bit of trouble following this beanie pattern. The underlined parts in particular: This pattern is in UK/Australian format hope you clever experienced members can enlighten me please 8th round - (2tr in next tr, 1tr in each of next 17tr) 0 (4) times, 1tr in each of next 75 (3) tr, 1htr in each of next 2tr, 1dc in each of next 2tr, sl st in next tr 80 (84)sts Thanks, Claire.
  3. New to this group & fairly new to crochet. after acquiring a brain injury 13 years ago I have had to relearn skills I took for granted before this. I rediscover something “new” on a regular basis even after 13 years...eg how to crochet It’s a bit like Christmas and I’m having fun with it. Claire.
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