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  1. Hello everyone so has the title says I am looking for patterns, specifically sweater patterns, (but i'll take any pattern) that combine yarn and mohair. I've honestly never used mohair before but I want to add the skill under my belt and start adding mohair to my stash of yarns the end results always come out amazing so if anyone knows any good patterns I would very much appreciate it!
  2. Thank you so much for the links definitely will check them out!
  3. thank you for responding (but also sorry for being so late) but I am from the US and im not really following a pattern just a basic knit vanilla sock and I was just trying to find some sock weight yarn for it and on the website the colorway I wanted I was able to choose from either of the two ply yarn I did end up getting the 4 ply yarn even though I don't know the difference I just wanted to see the difference
  4. Hello!! So I had a question on the difference between different ply yarn because I am going to be buying some sock weight yarn and on the website I can choose between 2ply and 4ply yarn personally I was thinking of getting 4ply (want to try my hand at knitting some socks) but then was like well what is the difference just so I can know in the future... 🤔🤔 Thank you!
  5. I actually ended up scraping this pattern because I did not have enough yarn but funny enough I am making another one the creators patterns and so far very easy to follow and understand .....so far..... 👁️👄👁️ (we'll see when i get to the top of this shirt) But to answer your question this is row 3: "3. Ch 3, dc in the same st, dc around – make 2 dcs in the corners in between the previous 2 dcs. In the end make 2 dcs in one st. Turn. " so I would still be doing the 2 dc in between i guess the 2 dc from row two which is weird. but i don't know it was confusing cause then after y
  6. So I was able to figure out how to do the decrease it was pointed out to me that the creator forgot to mention inserting hook into the next stitch but it is in fact a regular dc2tog. however I am still waiting for a reply back from the creator on how to do the second portion of row 2 and that is the corners. I don't know if she wants me to do them in between the posts or not? That is what I think I need to do but I am not so sure hopefully i can get a reply back soon thanks to everyone that has been helping me out with deciphering this pattern so far!
  7. thank you for the diagram and I agree about the dc2tog I don't think it should be called that if it is not a decrease to me after rereading it sounds like im doing a basic double crochet but idk I asked the creator for help but no reply yet hopefully i get one soon
  8. I just dm the creator I hope I get an answer back soon because It is confusing and I do have pictures in the pattern but they aren't helpful at all. unfortunately though I don't think I can even finish this top since I realized i don't think I will have enough yarn for the size i need anyways 🤦🤦🤦
  9. Ok I am back with needing help with this pattern (I hope someone sees this since i didnt want to make a whole new post on the same pattern) but anyways I am finally on row 2 and again this is not something that is hard for me to make it is just hard for me to follow and this part of the pattern is exactly what I mean (i am going to give the creator the benefit of the doubt because I don't think English is there first language) so i need to dc2tog and i've done this plenty of times but the wording in this pattern is throwing me off. From my understanding of doing several of these you yo in
  10. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! this was so helpful and I really appreciate the photo as well! I don't know why I could not figure this out but I really appreciate it hopefully i can figure out the rest of the pattern 😅😅🤞🤞
  11. ok so I am seriously going to need some major help with this top pattern it's like not hard to make, its just written in a way that is hard to fully understand what to do. I just started and I already need help. So according to the pattern (which I attached the part I am struggling with (which is one of many)) it says to make 47 more dc after making 1 dc and then in the 50th chain make 4 so the part I am confused on is how do we jump from 47 to 50 unless i am reading it wrong I don't know. at first I thought I figured it out but i'm just confused.
  12. Haha it's ok I have the same problem with my glasses as well
  13. ooh ok thank you! I have never heard of Drops before so I'll definitely take a look!
  14. its 400 yards each so 800 total? but if im being honest i dont know lol but thank you so much for replying I will go ahead and look and hopefully I can find something
  15. Hello as the title says I was wondering if anyone has any cute tank or crop top patterns that uses fingering weight yarn? I just ordered 2 hanks (100g and 400yards each) and wanted to make something other than a shawl. Thank you
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