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  1. Thank you for the pictures! That makes a lot of sense. I'm going to try this method on the next one and hopefully it will hold together! I appreciate your advice!
  2. When you say the plies of stitches do you mean through the double crochet itself? Like in the picture. And by splitting do you mean what I did in the second picture? Do you think bringing the spilt back together and timing would add to the security? Pic 3. Sorry I'm a visual person so I need pictures.
  3. I recently made my first c2c blanket. I love the patten. Used caron simply soft so as to not worry about lot numbers. Now that my son has been using it a while it is unraveling. He only uses it for sleep and I've only washed it on delicate cycle by itself. But every day I'm finding new holes. I weaved in the ends over 4-5 stitches as was suggested in a couple of different video tutorials I watched, and they assured me that would be enough to prevent it from coming apart. Well thats not working. Since weaving in didn't work I'm going back through and tying new yarn around the hole and sewing the hole shut. But this is causing the blanket to bunch and is ruining the pattern. What method do you suggest for dealing with the ends in a c2c blanket? The holes are not on the edges but in the middle parts of the blanket. I'm going to keep fixing this one until I can finish a new one; since this has become his lovey. I'm just worried that it'll fall completely apart before I can finish a new one. Thank you!
  4. I recently started my first graphgan pattern. It's of a baby giraffe. I bought the pattern on etsy and it's really detailed, which is awesome since I'm new to it. My issue is somehow I've managed to mess up my rows! I'm on row 27 and should be going up, but somehow I'm going down? I counted my stitches and they match what the pattern for row 26 (18W and 8G). So I'm not sure what in the world I did to mess up the pattern direction. Since I don't know what I did to mess up I'm not sure how to fix it. I really dont want to have to rip everything out and start over. I'm hoping someone knows what I've done wrong and how to fix it. I've attached a pic of the work I've done, what the pattern reads, and a screen shot of the area I'm working on. Thanks! P.S. the W is supposed to be for white, but I'm doing a blue instead because toddlers dont do well with white.
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