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  1. Hi All! I’m new to crochet. I have tried before doing it but it seems like it stuck this time. I’ve made a few things like a blanket for my cat, crochet topped towels for my mom, a soap saver for my boyfriend, and an infinity scarf for .... who knows but the only one to wear it has been my dog. I’m currently working on a blanket and ran into an issue (please see my post in crochet help for more info) and as a person of my generation, when I run into an issue I go to the internet for help and that’s how I found ya’ll! I’m excited to learn from you and find new fun projects to do. Then, when I feel like I am competent enough to share my wisdom that will be fun too but, it may take a bit! Thanks!
  2. Hi All! I’m new to crochet but have seemed to pick it up fairly quickly. I’m working on my biggest project to date and ran into an issue I haven’t figured out yet. I started with a corner to corner blanket and then my hope was to do a border around it and just see how big I want it (maybe use it as a bed spread). I started the border with sc in the spaces and then a chain 2 all the way around and then went back around to do 3 dc in the hoops? created. I couldn’t find how to build on it so I thought a brick stitch may work for my purpose. Then, I got to a corner. The first go around went fine doing the sc then 3 chains. The next go around with the 3 dc in the hoops? I realized I wasn’t increasing anywhere. How long could that go on and be blanket turn out okay or is there something better I could be doing? Thanks so much for any help!!
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