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  1. Thank you very much 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 this helps me a lot. I don’t have any yarn lover in my family. So I feel like this forum is my crochet/yarn family. Thank you 🙏
  2. Just the dress. I never wrote down the pattern. And feel that will be inmoral seeing that I wasn’t the one that created
  3. I currently made a crochet dress that I did by eye. There was no pattern. But the design isn’t mine. What can I do. I’m giving her credit as : inspiration from ___. I want to sell this project but don’t want to get sued. I am using my own pictures (of course) I will give credit where credit is due. I just want to know that I’m not doing anything ilegal or cause my enemies. thank you.
  4. #granny square thank you for the color trick. I was trying to that but I’m afraid to say I couldn’t find the feature.
  5. Thank you. Very much. I think is the low quality of my picture shows. The blue is purple. And well idk what I want lol. I love the sweater and I’ve been dying to make it. But eveytime I do a square I say. Nope It could be better, or the color combo isn’t “right” too dark or too light. Then the rest of the sweater is black . Any only the squares have a splash of color.
  6. Good afternoon, I’m currently crocheting the Revival Cardigan. I love the pattern love the traditional look with the modern twist. This pattern requires some granny. Now this is my problem I have the colors I love and I’m making the square. Now I don’t know if I should make every square the same or different. I will leave a link for the free pattern. https://makeanddocrew.com/revival-crochet-granny-square-sweater-pattern/
  7. @USpolishgirl the panda looks amazing. For ten eyes I have other safety’s eyes of different colors so hopefully they would look better this time around. It’s a work I’m progress (and in parts very frustrating) but here goes nothing
  8. Thank you so much to everyone that has help me I my little problem. I love the tips and would definitely write them down. I currently half way in the Velvet Bunny and it lookin cute I hope I placed the feet correctly but here’s is a picture of my progress.
  9. Update: first 12 rounds of both bunny feet’s, feeling super excited. Hopefully everything goes uphill from here.
  10. Thank you so much that has help a lot. I don’t mind being critiqued as long as done respectful with I know everyone here is. I will attempt to make the bunny with the same yarn that the pattern states. I will give an update as I go🤞 Hoping it looks like a bunny. I love stuff animal but never manage to make one that look like the pattern picture. For some reason this is the hardest thing to do for me. I can make a blanket , a shirt no problem but these stuff animal or anything with eyes it comes out looking well weird and not pleasing. @magiccrochetfan I made this bear for a Christmas
  11. Hello, A while back I made a teddy bear put to be honest it didn’t turn out like it was supposed too. It not hideous but it could have been better. I attached a picture below so you can see him ( the brown ugly one 😂) it’s supposed to look like the pretty pink one with the heart in the belly. I want to make the bunny (pic attached, super cute) but I want it to look pretty not like the one I made. Is there any tip or is there something I’m doing wrong. Im pretty sure it’s something I’m doing wrong I just can’t see it. I accept respectful criticism. I’ve bought the Bernat Baby Ve
  12. Thank you so much I had no idea of the yardages until Granny Square point it out. ☺️ When I say the yarn in the isle I was taken with the softness and fluffiness of the yarn. Now Im hoping to find more but apparently it sold out. 😞 This is a super super bulky yarn it’s size 7 and I never used such a thick yarn in the years I’ve been crocheting. Was scared of the thickness and not using the right hook or stitch to make this type Of yarn stand out. So I saw it and wanted to get out of my comfort zone. But I’m still searching so finger crossed I’ll find more yarn. I’m hoping this forum can become
  13. Thank you very much. Maybe I should hold on to it and see if I can find more yarn. I was hoping to make a blanket for me. Think see the yards got to excited with the fluffiness. Thank you so much ☺️ you have been a great help. Definitely will pay attention to the yards from now on 😉
  14. Good Evening, I’m super excited 😊. My husband took my yarn shopping ( 1st time I left home in 3 weeks) and found this lovely, super soft Chunky Velvet yarn (Jumbo 7) and had to buy it to make a blanket. I bought all that I saw, so I have 9 balls of yarn ( 4 Mauve, 4 blush, 1 taupe). Now that I almost melted in the yarn 🧶 isle I need a pattern or a idea but I’m stuck. I’m open to ideas or pattern. I try to attach a pic of the yarn. Thank you
  15. Thank you so much. you made my day. I have been have some doubts about my passion. I saw the dress and said I have to make one and even dared and asked for the pattern. But with no success. I’ve never done anything without a pattern till now. Thank you for your words 😊
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