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  1. Thank you guys so much!! Forgot to mention that im not UK based, but I do understand what stitches they are. I'm very much a visual learner but I am confident now to finally attempt this!! (was super confused before at what rounds even were since i've never read a pattern before, but i get it now haha!) I will try and update you guys if anyones interested. Once again thank you
  2. hello! i am quite new to crochet and i find it a bit difficult to read patterns because I dont know all of the abbreviations. I'm trying to make a market bag right now, but I can't figure out the pattern directions very well. If anyone could translate them into a bit more beginner language then I'd be extremely happy! Thanks Was also wondeirng if I should use 100% cotton or more of a cotton blend. I'm leaning more towards 100% but its not very stretchy. ShoppingBags.pdf
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