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  1. https://bluestarcrochet.com/single-crochet-bobble-stitch/ Double brim crochet hat using single crochet bobble stitch. The free hat pattern includes video tutorial. It has been designed in 5 different sizes- newborn, 6-12 months, 2-3 years, adult woman and adult man.
  2. https://bluestarcrochet.com/crochet-sweater-pattern size inclusive crochet sweater pattern
  3. https://bluestarcrochet.com/crochet-jumper-pattern/ One of my favourite makes The Sideways Jumper has been designed in 9 different sizes from XS-5XL. It is worked sideways in a lovely hdc crochet stitch.
  4. https://bluestarcrochet.com/crochet-raffia-bag/ super easy crochet pattern for this simple summer bag using raffia yarn. I added a nice leather handles to finish the bag off.
  5. https://bluestarcrochet.com/easy-crochet-blanket/ This textured crochet blanket uses an easy textured stitch crossed double crochet and has been designed in 12 different sizes from lovey to king size bed.
  6. https://bluestarcrochet.com/chunky-crochet-cowl/ Super chunky crochet cowl that is the ultimate stashbusting project. I have used 4 strands of DK weight yarn to make this cosy cowl. However, this pattern will work for ANY weight yarn. You can combine different yarn weights together to make up 32-ply weight of yarn (4 x DK weight, 3 x 4-ply weight + 2 x aran weight, 1 x DK + 2 x chunky as an example) and the pattern will come out perfect! I have a handy -ply table on the blog to help you along combining your yarns!
  7. As quick crochet projects go, this chunky crochet t-shirt yarn basket was one of the quickest makes. Although I have two children, I managed to finish this basket in one day from start to finish. I started crocheting a circle for the bottom of my chunky crochet basket. I carried on working in round to create the sides until I ran out of yarn. For the sturdy leather handles I cut up my husband’s old belt (do not tell him that) and I was done. Free pattern at https://bluestarcrochet.com/crochet-t-shirt-yarn-basket/
  8. I have designed a lacy crochet summer top for women that is perfect for the summer season and beach holiday. It is constructed from two T-shaped pieces and seamed together. It is the easiest crochet summer sweater you will ever make but one you won’t want to take off. The T-shaped crochet top has a simple crochet lacy stitches to create an interesting looking openwork with the wow look. The pattern is designed for sizes XS-5XL. I'd love for you to take a look. https://bluestarcrochet.com/crochet-summer-top/ Many thanks
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