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  1. https://bluestarcrochet.com/working-girl-cardigan/ designed in sizes XS-5XL beginner friendly crochet cardigan contains 2 different sleeve designs and 2 different neckline alternatives so it is easy to customise your cardigan
  2. https://bluestarcrochet.com/tunisian-crochet-pullover/ Free Tunisian crochet pullover pattern designed in sizes XS-5XL. This is one of the comfiet pullovers I have ever made! It has an oversized fit with dropped shoulders sleeves and deep V neckline.
  3. Beginner friendly tapestry crochet backpack- Lipa Backpack. It is an easy crochet rucksack supported by a video tutorial on how to change colours when using the tapestry crochet technique. https://bluestarcrochet.com/tapestry-crochet-backpack/
  4. Tunisian crochet ear warmer pattern that is suitable for beginners. It includes a video tutorial to show you the basics of this fun technique. Plus it uses bulky yarn and 8 mm crochet hook so it works in no time at all! https://bluestarcrochet.com/tunisian-crochet-ear-warmer/
  5. I was always in awe of people working at the big weaving machines producing stunning fabrics and I always wanted to have a go at these. I love the woven look they create. This was an inspiration behind my Meadowside Baby Blanket. I used crochet to achieve a woven look crochet blanket. There are quite a few crochet blankets with open chain spaces that have strands of yarn woven through with a needle afterwards. The strands are worked into the blanket as you crochet. There is no additional fiddling with yarn needle threading the strands through. https://bluestarcro
  6. thank you all for your very kind comments! I appreciate it a lot and I am glad you like the pattern and photos
  7. Blossom Washcloth is a quick and easy crochet washcloth pattern! Free pattern is available here https://bluestarcrochet.com/easy-crochet-washcloth-pattern/
  8. https://bluestarcrochet.com/crochet-flower-granny-square/ Hi all, Are you joining theGranny Square Day Celebrations on 15th August over on Instagram? Read about the event and find the free granny square pattern here https://bluestarcrochet.com/crochet-flower-granny-square/
  9. https://bluestarcrochet.com/crochet-triangle-shawl/
  10. https://bluestarcrochet.com/interlocking-crochet-cushion-cover/
  11. https://bluestarcrochet.com/crochet-corner-bookmark/
  12. https://bluestarcrochet.com/crochet-pyramid-doorstop/ Practical yet stylish addition to your crochet home decor.
  13. Thank you for your kind words both, enjoy the pattern.
  14. https://bluestarcrochet.com/open-front-crochet-cardigan/ Free open front cardigan pattern in sizes XS-5XL
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