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  1. sorry for asking another question so with the 21 sts left over would it b ok the slip those sts to has I have never crocheted a jumper before and I would say that am ok at crocheting but not a expert I have attached a photo of the jumper, but I did have to purchase this pattern. thanks so much for your help with this. rainbow jumper.pdf
  2. I am in need of some help with this pattern. I can ch 210 and so on but where I get stuck is the next row starting with the Sl st across 21, I have counted the amount and it only totals 189 leaving me 21 sts remaining is this right or am I doing it wrong. Hope someone can help me thanks
  3. Nicky3872


    I am stuck on a pattern and need some help here is the bit am stuck on. i have chained 210 but when I get to this next row: Sl st across 21sts, sc next 21 sts, hdc in next 21, dc across 84, hdc in next 21 sts, sc across 21sts. Break yarn. but the only trouble is I still have sts left over and I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Hope someone can help me
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