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  1. Good morning, Well I have good crochet news and bad crochet news to share with you. Bad news first I guess. I finished the hat last night. I stitched it together but it's not very good. It does fit. So the extra ribbing I crocheted helped the sizing but it looks terrible. I lost stitches in the ribbing so it's uneven and between that, and my extra piece tacked on, well it doesn't look very nice. But I tried! The good news is that I found another hat pattern and it seems to coincide with your idea of how to simply make a hat from the round. So I am going to try again. The pattern I found is for a beanie which comes below the ears, and my husband wants a watch cap which comes above the ears. I think I have learned enough from the first try to figure out when to stop the repeats a couple of inches before what is written in the pattern. I hope it works. Luckily I bought extra yarn (by mistake) when I made my first cardigan - again for my husband. This is actually the first items I've crocheted for him. Mostly I've crocheted for my daughter, babies, myself and friends. Thanks again for your help. Stay safe, Charna
  2. Well, I think your idea is quite clever!!. We don't know yet if it will work, but it's certainly worth a try. I tried to measure as you suggested and I can't quite tell, but I have enough yarn, and the time (LOL) so I'm going to give it a try. Thanks again for your attention to my crocheting pattern problem! Charna
  3. OK, I will give that a try and let you know. Thanks again so very much, Charna
  4. Good day, Let me see if I understand you correctly please. Do you mean that if I add one more repeat pattern (rows 2 - 5) that might make the rim large enough to fit properly? I haven't ripped it back yet so I could certainly give that a try - if that's what you mean? Thank you, Charna
  5. Hello again and thanks so much for thinking about this. Yes, you are right about everything. That bit looks like a gusset but it isn't - it's just the shape of the hat. And yes, that funny bend where your red arrow is, is the top 3 stitches which are left unstitched for some rows in the pattern. I forget to reply from a previous reply from you that my gauge is correct. I may give your idea a try - to use a larger hook for the rim, and remember to make the slip stitches loose. I'll let you know if it works! Thanks again, Charna
  6. https://www.ravelry.com/projects/cgord/crochet-seafarers-cap Hi again Granny Square, can you see the photos now? thx, Charna
  7. Thanks so much for the warm welcome!
  8. Thanks for the welcome!
  9. Hello, I had been having trouble finding a watch cap pattern for my husband. I found one from an online helper on Ravelry. I have tried unsuccessfully to crochet it. I've posted my question about it on the need help forum on this site. But if anyone has a good pattern for crocheting a simple man's watch cap, please do share. Thanks kindly, Charna
  10. Hello everyone, I am writing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am retired and have returned to crocheting which is something I enjoyed doing in my younger years. I'm pleased to be a part of this online crocheting community. Charna
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