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  1. It's one of the books that came along with my Big and Little Crochet Hachette Partworks subscription. As far as I'm aware they haven't published an errata, although I can email them and ask. I imagine the pattern would be row 2, as it alternates between that and a row of plain stitches, which is row 1, and the next row.
  2. I thought I'd showcase a few of the afghans and blankets I've made over the past few years. The pink/white/yellow/green afghan spread out on my bed was a CAL that I joined, and really sparked my love for crochet, and making blankets! up until that point I had only made basic granny square blankets, so it was quite challenging for me. It was also a lesson in how satisfying it is to actually finish things! And don't get me wrong, there are still plenty of projects that I've never finished... but I actually do finish some now, which is an improvement for me The daisy and cloud blankets were made for my friend when she had her babies, it's so lovely to be able to make something special like that, and she treasures them which is lovely.
  3. Hi all, hoping someone can help with this, I just can't work it out. I'm on the Increase row, and have just finished the sleeve cuff (ribbed). I have 36 stitches, and need to work the pattern (basically a V stitch, and explained in row 2 - I think!), but can't work out what the pattern is telling me to do in terms of the increases. I've included a photo of the sleeve in case it helps. Nowhere does the pattern explain 'patt' (other than to tell me it means pattern), so I am having to assume that row 2 is the patter.. which based on the image seems right. Very greatful for any help on this one
  4. Thanks both! And thank you for the extended stitch tip, I've not come across that before, and it will definitely be useful! I have made the back and think it looks ok proportion wise, I started the front but have ended up with a trapped nerve/arm & shoulder pain So going to have to chill it on the crochet a little bit.
  5. LilCurlyBear

    Baby blanket

    Would the below photo be right? I just worked the whole thing into one stitch. I've done a drawing as well, but it's a little fuzzy!
  6. I'm currently working on my first attempt at a jumper for myself. I didn't purchase the recommended yarn as it would have cost around £40-45, so instead I purchased another yarn that seemed to have the same specs. However! My guage swatch doesn't match up. With a 4mm hook I should get a 10cm square swatch from 8 rows & 16.5 stitches. I've increased my hook size to 5mm, and can get the 10cm width from 16.5 stitches, but I'm 1.5cm short on my 8 rows. In order to get to 10cm with my rows I need 10.5 rows. I tried a 6mm hook and my width was way out, so decided to stick to 5mm and make some adjustments to my rows. Now, the main sections are measured, so not a problem, I just go till I get 30cm. And the sleeves I can just measure as I go, however the jumper has raglan sleeves, and starts with the back. so for the decreases, it goes by stitch count rather than a measurement, and I can't measure it against myself as it's the back. So, my final stitch count for the back before I start to decrease for the raglan sleeves is 62, I'm then decreasing 1 stitch at each end (so 2 per row), until I get to 24 stitches. I've worked out that this will be 20 rows. For every 8 rows I'm 1.5cm short, which is 1 row plus a smidge... so would I add an extra row per 8 rows? and not do a decrease for the added row so that I still finish with 24 stitches? I can measure against my side as I go (avoiding my bust!), but I'm thinking if I had 2-3 rows into the 20 rows, then I should come out about right... I hope this all makes sense, I've attached an image of the jumper, and am working it from the waistband up. Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer ETA: I've worked out from the guage that 20 rows would measure 25cm, and from the 30cm I've worked so far, 25cm = 27 rows!! So if my calculations are correct, I'm thinking I need to add 7 rows ? ETA again: well, having worked it all out with the 7 extra rows, making 2 thirds, and getting my OH to measure my back.... I'm back to only needing to add 3 extra rows. So I'm just in the process of frogging what I'd done. Just telling myself that once the back is worked out the front should be easy...
  7. Can I ask, I know posting full patterns on the site isn't allowed for obvious reasons. If I wanted to use a pattern that isn't readily available to purchase (for example is in a book that I have that is part of a monthly subscription), could I PM it to members who wanted to join the CAL? Or would I need to ensure that the pattern being used is readily available for everyone to purchase?
  8. Many thanks all for responses and advice, this all makes sense. I have managed to make a top and trousers that fit! I kept trying them on my doll as I went, and adjusted the patterns also (I didn't need anywhere near as many rows). I'm not 100% pleased with them (they kind of bulk up around the waist, and don't fit well round the shoulders), but I think this will be as many of you have said, a bit of trial and error, and some practice with hook sizes and yarns. Unfortunately the book gives no indication of gauge whatsoever, or even measurements for the doll, so I am very much cheesing it! It will be a good learning experience for me for sure Excuse her weird hair, I ran out of yarn and they don't sell that one anymore, so I'm going to have to pull it all out and add a second pink into the mix so I don't waste the original yarn. I have lots of ideas for cute little outfits for her, and I'm not making her for anyone in particular, so I think I'll just pull her out every now and then when I fancy it, she can be a little bit of relaxation and fun.
  9. Currently, I am working on a doll using the book 'My Crochet Doll' by Isabelle Kessedjian. I am fairly new to branching out with my crochet skills (I've generally worked on basic granny square blankets or CALs with purchased yarn packs), so not paying particular attention (newb mistake!) I just grabbed some cotton yarns that looked about right from my yarn stash.... worked really hard on making a lovely little doll.... and low and behold the clothes I've made don't fit the doll well at all... cue lots of swearing and frustration, and disappointment and self loathing. Having now looked properly at the yarns actually used to create the dolls in the book, I've noticed that she uses the same brand of yarn (Bergere de France), but several different weights for the different items of clothing. For the actual doll (and some of the clothes) she uses 'Ideal' yarn (lightweight DK), for the majority of the clothes she uses 'Coton Fifty' (4 ply sport), then there are a few other yarn types thrown in for good measure for things like a fluffy snow coat and teddy bear onsie. The doll and all her clothes are crocheted with a 3mm hook. Now, not only is the yarn £3-4 for 50g (call me a cheapskate, but I just don't want to pay that much when I need so many different colours & types of yarns), but I'm also having trouble finding the Coton Fifty in the colours I need. So, I would prefer to find a cheaper alternative where I can get the colours I want. The trouble is: I've tried in the past to purchase yarn based on it being Aran yarn, and same size hook recommended as my pattern... but it just wasn't the same thickness at all. So I'm really unsure as to how I go about finding a lightweight DK yarn that will actually be a good match for the Bergere de France Ideal yarn without having both yarns in hand - which is not possible during lockdown.... Can anyone offer some wisdom? I'm hoping maybe someone out there has used the Bergere de France yarns and knows a good alternative.... any/all help much appreciated
  10. Hi all, my name is Gemma, and I've been crocheting for around 10+ years. I used to just make very basic granny square blankets, but decided to branch out and try more complex designs around 3 years ago. Since the start of lockdown in the UK I've been trying to expand my skills again, and have been making various items, such as scarves, stuffies and (surprise surprise) more blankets! I do love the satisfaction of having made a beautful blanket <3 Until now, and the main reason I thought it would be useful to join a forum, I've always either used a basic acrylic DK yarn for my blankets, or I've joined CALs or subscriptions & been provided with/purchased the yarn packs... but recently I have been trying different patterns and just using yarns I already have... and it really doesn't work sometimes! I recently decided to make a scarf, the pattern called for an Aran yarn that was quite expensive, and would have cost around £30 for a very basic scarf pattern.. I didn't want to spend that much on this particular project, so found another yarn online that was Aran, and called for the same size crochet hook as the pattern did... but when it arrived I found that it was very fine, clearly much finer than the yarn used in the pattern. I persevered and doubled the yarn where needed, and was fairly happy with the end result. But I was stumped to find that 2 yarns that were Aran, and called for the same size hook, were totally different - I honestly thought that Aran yarns were always chunky yarns. Currently, I am working on a doll using the book 'My Crochet Doll' by Isabelle Kessedjian, and again, the yarn she has used is really quite expensive.. and not paying particular attention I just grabbed something that looked about right from my yarn stash.... and low and behold the clothes I've made don't fit the doll well at all... que lots of swearing and frustrated sweating as I tried to make them fit!! I managed to bodge the pattern enough to have a top and trousers that fit.. but the end result is not particularly pleasing... and looks nothing like the sweet little thing in the book. So, I know I need to do some research here, but I would also like to get advice from experienced crocheters to try and understand how to pick the right yarns for certain projects. Hopefully me newb questions will also help others :) I shall post in the help forum regarding my yarn trials and tribulations, as that feels an appropriate place :)
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