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    Crocheting while watching my rabbits
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    Crochet, knitting, sewing, needle felting, drawing... Basically if you can make it, I’m in!
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    Feeding my rabbits
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    4.5 mm & 8.00 mm
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    Blankets & rabbits
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  1. Kaylor

    Help is needed!

    Thank you SO much @Granny Square I didn’t have an issue with the ‘NJ, BL, or FL but I did with the other things you mentioned. You explained it perfectly!
  2. Kaylor

    Help is needed!

    Hello! I am currently starting this crochet pattern and I am confused.. Down below are pictures of the doll and the part of that pattern that is confusing to me. (This part of the pattern is the wig.) Thanks so much! -Kaylor
  3. That is the funniest thing I have seen all day!! 😂
  4. @Dsells & @ReniC thank you!
  5. Thank you @Tampa Doll @USpolishgirl & @YarnMagician!
  6. Thank y’all so much! 😄
  7. Hi! I’m new! Recently I made a blanket in one week. It is a large throw blanket and I used a 8.00 MM hook. I guess it got done fast because of the quarantine! Lol!
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