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  1. Hi ReniC, Thank you for your reply, and I apologize that I hadn't responded sooner. Also, THANK YOU for trying to figure this whole bead situation out. I haven't attempted much more than working with a bead to get this look, but I have come to the conclusion, it must NOT be a bead, but crochet only. If you have any other suggestions, please please please let me know. Thank you! Much love and health, Heather
  2. Oooh, got it! Thanks Granny Square. I've got newbie written, (or shall I say knitted )all over me. I'm looking very forward to seeing what this site has to offer. Plus, figuring out how to make this darn knitted bead!! Thanks again for you advice, support, and help. Talk soon. Oh, and if you are celebrating....Happy Mothers Day!!
  3. This is really great stuff here Villager. Incredibly helpful, and thorough. You're making this newbie feel quite welcome. You're amazing...thank you!!
  4. Thank you Villager! This is a GREAT start! I have fallen down the rabbit hole of research, to finding the "recipe" to this elusive knit slider bead. I'm actually a jewelry designer, and haven't really delved into the crochet world, but have ALWAYS been interested. On the top of my list, is to learn how to knit/crochet from my 85 yr old grandmother. Not only as a bonding moment, but before she leaves me. Nonetheless, I would love any help/guidance/instructions on how to make this "bead". I see that there are instructions in the post that you had given, but it's like pig latin to me. Any other suggestions? Also, I have zoomed up close, into a few photos of this "bead", and it seems like there is some kind of "stuffing", that looks a little similar to white polyester rope, the kind you would find at a hardware store. Not sure if that makes sense?
  5. Can anyone tell me how this is done?? It's a "bead" closure for an adjustable bracelet. You can call it a slider, I suppose. Is it a silk covered bead? Or is this crochet silk string around some kind of stuffing?? This is a bracelet out of India, and I know their work can be very intricate. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Heather
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