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    I live to travel but love to crochet, knit and do needlepoint.
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    Los Angeles
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    see bio
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    customer service
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    table runners, blankets and bunting
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  1. Where oh where can I get the Fruit Garden CAL Recipe 2 ?? Most places in the UK are either sold out or not shipping to the US. Will happily pay for shipping.
  2. Hello, I'm Chingola and I'm a crochetaholic, my drug of choice is yarn and needles (no pun intended). I get the name Chingola because I worked in the airline industry for 20plus years and the airport code for my initials (cgj) is Chingola. I live in LA and love to crochet blankets, table runners and lately bunting. I live to travel but also love to knit and do needlepoint.
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