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    30 years old. She/her. Amateur crochet crafter, healthcare worker. Pharmacy technician.
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    Reading, making IVs, crochet, photography
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    Inpatient pharmacy technician
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  1. Cal

    Seeking ideas

    Thank you both! I have actually already been making the “mask mates” as I call them for over a week. They dooo work very well! One thing I have learned in making them (and using them), is that the shorter length ones (3in) aren’t quite long enough. Probably great for kids, not so great for adults. I’ve been making mine at LEAST 4.5 inches long. The one in the picture I’m adding is 5inches long. I’ve been debating on making them just a tad wider for extra strength.
  2. Cal

    Seeking ideas

    Okay - so I have to wear a face shield for work (hospital worker). While I’m grateful for that bit of PPE, the dang things squish my head/brain. My coworkers that don’t have to leave central pharmacy can wear baseball caps under theirs as “padding”... and I can’t do that. I have to have something washable since I am potentially exposed to the virus multiple times a day at work. I was thinking a headband, but I’m open to all suggestions! Thanks in advance!
  3. Sup, y’all? My name is Callie and I’ve been crocheting for about five years. My aunt taught me after I learned to knit, and... I’ve pretty much given up knitting 😂 I’m from the panhandle of Florida, but have lived in Iowa for the last almost ten years. I’m a pharmacy technician at a hospital and I’ve picked up my crochet hook a lot more recently to help combat stress from the COVID-19 pandemic after work and to also try to craft things to help myself and my fellow healthcare workers.
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