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    Toni Marie McFadden
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    I enjoy crafting and cooking. I am a part time chef and a single mother to a boy of 4 years old.
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    Baking, drawing.
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    Small toys or blankets
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  1. Oooo I used to rely on stitch markers before I got bored with taking them in and out also sometimes I use w notepad just to note down where I am and how many stitches I am in
  2. Hi Everyone, I’m new on this site and just looking to make some crochet friends. Never done a CAL before and was wondering if anyone wanted to do one on a video chat? I hear good things about Zoom the meeting app. Or even just a current project and chat kinda meet? thoughts?
  3. IHi I’m new here but I would interpret that as Double crochet Into the next dc from the row below then x2 into the next d/c stitch continuing for 12 times. I usually just count how many stitches I have in my head like it would be 1,3,4,6 for that bit. hope this doesn’t confuse you more.
  4. hi everyone my name is Toni Marie, I’m a self taught from YouTube hooker. joined here because lockdown has gave me the chance to crochet more and wanna meet like minded people.
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