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    Grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio and moved to California in 1972. Went to work in the District Attorney’s office then to the Board of Supervisors, then retired
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    San Francisco Bay Area - Emerald Hills
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    Quilting, gardening, beekeeping, knitting
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  1. Hello folks - I am Elaine from the San Francisco Bay Area in California. I am just getting back to crocheting after telling an elderly woman that I met via volunteering for the Villages about an afghan I started probably 20 years ago called “Rose in bloom.” She wanted to “pay me back” for helping her do some things during this shelter in place due to corona virus and offered to put together the squares I had already made. Once I pulled it out and dusted it off, I decided to just finish it. Well, I am a bit rusty and the pattern was so old that I couldn’t read all of it. So I went searching, found the pattern, and then had to try to figure out how to do it all over again. Then I found you! I think what I have figured out is that I have been making the rose incorrectly all along!! I will have to continue to make them incorrectly though 😳 so the whole thing will be the same. I also am a beekeeper, love quilting, knitting, and gardening.
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