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  1. I love the stitch patterns so much better than the text. In fact, I usually draw out each part on graph paper or scratch paper so I can track what I'm doing! Long live the diagrams!!
  2. Thank you so much! I hope that’s the case with this one too!
  3. Are you still on here? I’ve used this, and I can look for it, but you might be finished?
  4. Made with Patons classic wool for Nicki & Kevin ❤️🧶
  5. CallieMom


    Makes sense! Thanks .
  6. That’s dedication! It looks great! I’m sure it’s treasured!
  7. Finished this last summer for a friend who got married! My largest so far I think it was 63 squares and a border!
  8. I agree that the sc is rows but I think the slip in the chain is in the 3rd link (3rd stitch) of the chain, not in the first slip stitch. I think.
  9. Hi I’m in the US Midwest. I taught myself about 3 years ago...(might admit to a yarn problem!). 🧶 I have ambitions goals, and more ideas than time 🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. CallieMom


    There’s a “textured panels throw” in Crochet World February 2020. The finished measurement is 48”x 60 “ but I would like to make it a baby blanket that’s maybe 30 x 40”. I’m trying to figure out; they start with a chain of 172 and in the end they’re repeating the 4 rows 35 times, so could I reduce that by a multiple of something (4?) to get good dimensions for a baby blanket. I don’t want to have to draw the whole thing out. Help is appreciated!
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