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  1. Thank you so much. I started to experiment a little and added the stitches in much the way you reference. It seems to be working. I started the bobble stitch on row 5 where I have 120 stitches and put them in every 12th stitch. On row 6, I started the bobble on the 6th stitch and then carried on with a bobble every 12th stitch. Back to starting on stitch 12 for row 7, etc. It seems to be working out, but the pattern will not be perfectly symmetrical. I do cheat on the extra stitch if it happens to line up with a spot I should do 2 stitches. I just move the 2 stitches to before or aft
  2. I'm trying to crochet a rainbow blanket pattern. I started with a chain of about 45, double crochet to the end, 6 dcs in the last chain and double chain back down the chain. Row 2 dcs in each stitch to the end and put 2 dcs in each of the 6 dcs at the end of the chain for 12 dcs to turn, then dcs to the end. It worked beautifully. My question is how to proceed. Do I keep adding 6 stitches for each new row? Does this work when I'm on row 20 when the work is much wider? I tried to add stitches as they felt necessary and ended up with more of a mushroom shape than an arc. Clearly, I ad
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