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  1. I am trying to double the size of the graphgan I am making for example it is a hundred Rows high 80 stitches wide so if I want to double it what I do 160 stitches wide and then do each row twice going up starting from the bottom right corner UnicornLlama-TwoMagicPixels (1).pdf
  2. I have a question please help me ASAP I'm doing something for my daughter's birthday I am using a half double crochet for a graphghan however I wanted to double the size of the blanket do I do each row twice and double the width. also I'm not computer savvy and I have no idea how to get back to this page I will try to write it down and remember but I suffer from short-term and long-term memory loss unfortunately so these projects can be hard however if someone could please help me with my answer via text 315-466 197 3 or email Kley13165 at gmail.com I would be forever grateful thank you UnicornLlama-TwoMagicPixels (1).pdf
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