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  1. These small flowers make great hair clips or appliques, and they're super easy to do! Video tutorial included! https://kickincrochet.com/how-to-crochet-small-flowers/
  2. The Oasis gloves are now available as a free pattern on my blog - enjoy! https://kickincrochet.com/oasis-gloves-and-headband/
  3. Here is my latest free tutorial/pattern! https://kickincrochet.com/hairpin-lace-sleeveless-top/
  4. Hi everyone! I'm happy to share my latest free pattern/tutorial for this patchwork bag. Each bag takes 13 squares. I used 6" squares, but you could change the size of the square to get a larger or smaller bag. All of the squares used in the bag shown are free squares with video tutorials (links in the blog post), and there's a video tutorial showing how to assemble the bag! Cheers! https://kickincrochet.com/crochet-patchwork-bag-pattern/
  5. The third and final installment for the Mug Rug trio is live, the diagonal mug rug. This one's a little trickier than the other two, but it does include a step by step youtube video tutorial. https://kickincrochet.com/diagonal-mug-rug-pattern/
  6. The second pattern in the mug rug trio is live! The eyelet mug rug is another simple mug rug pattern great for beginners. Includes a YouTube tutorial! https://kickincrochet.com/eyelet-mug-rug-pattern/
  7. I'm so glad you like it! Thank you for your support.
  8. Hi, I'd like to share my latest new pattern, a moss stitch mug rug! It comes with a YouTube tutorial video and is the first of three mug rugs to be published in the coming weeks. Cheers! https://kickincrochet.com/moss-stitch-mug-rug-pattern/
  9. Hi, I'd like to share my latest free crochet pattern with you. It's a fun head scarf, and includes a YouTube tutorial. I hope you enjoy the Mia Head Scarf crochet pattern!
  10. Hi everyone! I've got another free pattern to share with you. I think this one might be my favorite pattern of the year so far. I just love the jasmine stitch with ripples! It's available for free on my blog and includes a YouTube video tutorial to show you how to do the increases and decreases. Cheers, Mary. https://kickincrochet.com/jasmine-blanket-crochet-pattern/
  11. Thank you! I never would have grabbed this pink off the shelf, but I adore it! My LYS sent it to me in a mystery box lol!
  12. Hi everyone! I just wanted to share my latest free crochet pattern, the rainbow ripple blanket! Check it out free on my website, with YouTube video tutorial! https://kickincrochet.com/rainbow-ripple-blanket-crochet-pattern/
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