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  1. Crocheting my first project. I find it relaxing and fairly easy. It s the directions I find very difficult. I started out with 100 rows of basic stitches and did well up through 2 feet of rows. Then I came to a Shape Right Back Neck: Row 1: (RS). Pat across 42 sts. Sc2tog (neck edge). Turn. Leave rem sts unworked. Row 2: Ch 1. Sc2tog. Pat to end of row. Turn. 42 sts. Row 3: Pat to last 2 sts. Sc2tog. Turn. 41 sts. Place marker at side edge of last row. I did not really understand the Pattern to end of row in each of the rows. Now I am supposed to continue with the Right Front below, but I only have 26 stitches across instead of 42 and again the next statement is confusing. What it the pattern? Right Front: Cont in pat until work from marker measures same length as Back.
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