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  1. Thank you so much Anna Shuster-Smith. Another kind member helped me through my pattern roadblock. I’m going to enjoy learning from this great group!
  2. Thank you all! I look forward to learning from all of you!
  3. To Granny Square Thank you for your helpful response! Your answer does make sense but I think I should clarify what is facing me when I crochet the sleeve. I am creating the sleeve in a completed arm whole. So I tied on my yarn at the bottom seam of the sleeve opening, as the pattern directs. Then began the rows of blo hdc. What I see is the flat finished side on “right side out” and the ridge is technically facing me but hidden within the growing sleeve. Does that make sense? So the way I am doing this is wrong. The ridges are on the inside. I need them on the outside. So I think I ne
  4. Hello! I am so grateful to have found this site and forum. I have been crocheting on and off for 40 years. I am refreshing my memory and honing my skills after a ten year break from crocheting. I am stuck on a pattern step and was so happy to have found this group! Please read my plea for help in the corresponding forum. I‘ve been stuck on this for two days and can’t wait to move on with this project!
  5. Hello and thank you for your help! I am almost done with a crocheted sweater. I am now starting the sleeves but I’m stuck. I’m trying to decide if I should work the sleeves from the inside or from the outside (right side out). The pattern does not specify. The stitches that create the sleeve have you making your stitch in the back loop only of the row before. So, when doing this is would create a ridge on the underside and a smooth or flat finish on the side you see while building the sleeve. I’ve zoomed in on a picture of the pattern where the model is wearing the sweater, so it is “right si
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