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  1. Hi Magiccrochetfan, thanks for you reply. Unfortunately I can't get in touch with the person that showed me originally - they copied a pattern from a cushion cover which came from America. I live in Ireland and haven't seen anything like it.
  2. Thanks for the replies, I have tried the following, yarn around needle and then 3 trebles (doubles in USA) into the front post stitch (on row below) and then pull through the 7 stitches on the needle -unfortunately it just doesn't look like the raised stitch. Thanks for the link to the pattern but although similar, it's not quite the pattern. It is actually my 91 year old Mum who wants the pattern and I said I would try and work it out or track it down! Many thanks for you help so far!
  3. Hi All, this is my first post and wondering if someone might be able to help me please. I have attached a photo of a square that a friend of my mine was showing ( a few years ago). I came across it the other day and can't remember how the raised stitch was done. I am a beginner but from what I can remember, the stitch started with a yarn over twice and then it was treble ( or double in USA) intoca post stitch until there were 7 stitches or that could be wrong! I have unravelled the square to try and work out the stitch but worried I will have nothing left! Does anyone know the name of the stitch or have a pattern for the square? I believe she got the pattern from America. Any help greatly appreciated!
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