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  1. To everyone in group 2~ I am asking withdrawling my membership to Crochetville, but I will complete my obligations for this swap. Good luck ladies, and enjoy the rest of the swap.
  2. I wanted to let everyone know that I'm pulling out of this CAL. I hope everyone has fun and enjoys their MAMs.
  3. Ginny, Your square went out today. I PM'd you the confirmation number. I hope you like it!
  4. Very pretty! I love the design.
  5. Ginny (Airmedh)~ Your square should be in the mail tomorrow. I wanted to send it off to you today, but I ended up dealing with a wasp nest in my attic instead. Sorry!
  6. Oh, wow... they are beautiful. Please write up the pattern (pretty please). I'll admit that I have not tried the bullion stitch, but I would definately attempt it if I could make that choker! ...and your "lady in a box" is great.
  7. Your doily is beautiful, and your bag is cute!
  8. Do whatever it is that you find relaxing. Chances are you'll get the urge to crochet again, but until then don't worry about it. Whatever you do don't burn yourself out trying to get your project done (where's the fun in that? ). Nothing is worse than being burnt out.
  9. Amanda~ it looks great! You're doing a wonderful job on it.
  10. Very pretty! I like the colors you chose.
  11. There are several afghan CALs going on right now. Check out the crochet-along forum and see if anything catches your eye. I know I've been sucked into several.
  12. Her afghans are wonderful. Very good buy IMO.
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