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  1. Alex_ot

    Reading Patterns

    CJ was a typo on my part. It is a UK pattern, so if UK tr= US Db everything is making much more sense. I understand for the first row I will be chaining 6, doing 3 double crochets (starting in the 4th chain from the hook). still a bit uncertain on 3 STS. In the videos I’ve watched at this point we would chain 6 again and repeat in order to start the “v” . thank you so much for taking the time to attempt to explain to me! Probably should have researched a little better before picking this particular pattern to attempt to follow.
  2. Alex_ot

    Reading Patterns

    It is a corner to corner. I’ve seen a lot of videos that use double crochet but not many use triple. I tried following along to see if I could match what they were doing in the videos to what is in the pattern. I believe I understand what you were saying about the 3chsp. What I was not able to work out from that is “turn. 3sts. *new row CJ 6” in the videos they went right into their next ch 6 after the turn.
  3. Alex_ot

    Reading Patterns

    I am newer to crochet, and up to this point have relied on videos to create my blankets. I am familiar/capable of a variety of stitches now, and have a pattern that I want to try out but it doesn’t have a video. The instructions read as follows 6 ch, starting in the fourth ch from the hook, 3tr, Miss 3 tr, slst into 3 chsp, (3ch 3tr) in 3 chsp. Turn. 6 sts. I know the abbreviations but I get a little hung up after slst into 3 chsp. Could anyone explain a little further? Thanks!
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