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    I am a crafter who loves all things crochet! I love to try new patterns and make new friends along the way!
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    Crochet, Glitter Tumbler Creating, Writing, Gardening
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    Riding Instructor
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    My tulipwood hook from Turn of the Century
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    a Market Bag , Granny Square Anything
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  1. Hello and welcome! I too am a newbie to Crochetville, but I have crocheted for years. I'd recommend you checking out simple Youtube tutorials, if you can. But I bet there's a lot of help here too! Robin
  2. Hi All! I'm new here to Crochetville, but not new to Crochet. I picked up my first hook in 2006 and loved so much to be able to carry on the tradition of Crochet my Grandmother passed along. I enjoy trying new things, even if it means frogging a LOT.....being left handed I taught myself how to crochet , that was a bunch of fun haha. I hope to make new friends here and indulge in my favorite craft! Robin
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