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  1. Tevia5

    Can it be doubled

    Hi there. I am crocheting a blanket for my grandson. I am using Bernat stripes. It is a very lightweight yarn and I would like to double the yarn. I have a few questions. Firstly, can I do this. Secondly, would I need to adjust my pattern. I am doing the entire blanket in SC. Should I change my hook size? Thank you
  2. Thanks for all the responses
  3. For SC do you skip the first stitch at the beginning of the row or not?
  4. Are you saying I should put the markers on at. each new row?
  5. Do you have any advise to help me from constantly having to pull my work out because the sides are never straight? What are the rules for the first and the last stitches? Maybe different rules with different stitches? Also, does it make a huge difference if now and again you miss or add a stitch? I find it very hard to see very clearly when the yarn is dark.
  6. You are such an immense help. Thank you for your help once again.
  7. I have finished the whole blanket and now do not understand the pattern for the ruffle. I don’t know if I am just not understanding, or if it is not explained properly.
  8. Hi. I used to knit, crochet and sew as a young mother. Once I got to the USA, I had 5 young kids and had no time nor money to crochet. I am generally a good crocheter, but mostly easy to mediate difficulty. One of the yarns I tried was Bernat Softee Baby. That is a lightweight yarn. Villager, can you elaborate on what you mean by what you are saying about the throat and the shaft. Where is each one located? Should your stitches feel loose when pulling the hook through?
  9. I have tried 3 times with 3 different very soft baby yarns to crochet a baby Afghan. No matter how soft or how heavy the yarn is, my project feels very hard. Why is this?
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