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    Oma Marlene

    Thank you for your responses to my first question! I nay have found part of what I’m looking for...an Afghan my Aunt made decades ago. I believe it was a kit but I do not have the instructions...& she passed away 10 years ago. Does anyone recognize this or perhaps have the directions? I’d be more than happy to purchase. Thanks again! Here’s the original query: Am stumped on a stitch...a small lap Afghan crocheted by my son-in-law’s Norwegian Grandma. Have asked several ‘experts’ in my area but no results. Pics show front & back. Help! Thanks...
  2. Am a Northwoods retired high school English teacher who has crocheted, knitted & sewn since 7th grade. Also love to read, hike, watch old movies & spend time with granddaughters.
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