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  1. That is so cute!! Thank you for all the feedback!! Next time I attempt to make a cat bed I will take all of these tips in consideration. I decided to make a pillow for the kitty in question.
  2. Yes!!! That is the project i attempted just used three yarns like the person in the video I watched. Sorry today is chicken feed store day so I’ve been busy. I will have to check out the blog. Thank you for all the help and feedback!
  3. Yes, I have a flat double bottom I followed a youtube video to create it, but I guess my yarn isn’t as thick as theirs and the walls don’t support the roof.
  4. How can I fix the sides to help it stand up?
  5. I crocheted this cat bed for my friend, but the sides don’t hold. What would be a great way to fix it and still be machine washable???
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