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  1. Thank you both so much, that makes sense now! It’s a Mindful Crochet book and the shawl is a Autumn Garden shawl. I really appreciate your messages and time 😊
  2. Hi all, I would like to move into creating clothes and other items rather than just blankets. I bought a book with a beautiful shawl pattern but I just can't understand the pattern! Can anyone help please? I've attached a picture of the first part of the pattern, the shawl and also where I've got up to (which isn't very far!!) I understand how to make a magic ring and and chain. I can tr crochet but where I'm starting to get stuck is where it is saying on Row 1 12 sts + one 2-ch sp. Is this a further instruction or is it just a round up of what I've just done? It's all so confusing! Also not sure what a ch sp is - is that something I need to create or just something which is created when you do other stitches? Sorry if these are all really stupid questions. Thanks in advance xx
  3. Hi All, Been into crochet for a while now and mainly working on toys, scarfs and blankets! Want to progress but am finding it so hard to understand patterns! Found this site and thought I would join to expand my horizons and hopefully learn off people much more experienced than I! Looking forward to getting involved :) Emma
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