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    Crochet Angel Christmas tree topper & Father Christmas. Pattern by Hectanooga1 on Youtube.
  2. CupieDoll

    Pattern help

    Hi; I'm new here & am in need of some assistance with a pattern that I'm working. It's called Pegasus & is written by crafty intentions. This is for part 3 of the left wing. It says. In the following instructions, the slip stitches between the rows should be worked on the same side as the HDC row you just worked. Exaple; Sl St 24 all the way back between row 1 & row 2. What exactly does that mean? I uploaded the part of the pattern in question. It does not say to use a seperate piece of yarn. 3of5PegasusWingsCrochetPatternbyCraftyIntentions2019.pdf
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