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  1. gemlovesjasper


    This is ridiculous. I count my chains to be exactly what the multiple says. It comes up short every time. The funny thing is it only happens as my multiple gets bigger. I can do 11 + 2. It comes out fine. When I get above 100, for some reason that's when things don't end like the pattern says It should. I keep trying. But Honestly! Would a stitch counter help?
  2. If the multiple is 11 + 2 that means 209 + 2 = 211. Is that the correct interpretation of this multiple? 11 × 19 = 209 + 2 = 211.
  3. gemlovesjasper


    When I do the SC Ripple 11 + 2, I chain 220. Then add 2 at the end. I have done the gauge for it & it turns out pretty good. Everything lines up from 2nd row on up. When I increase the size of the blanket, I count in 20's till I get to 220. Then add 2. I have used stitch markers for every 20th stitch. I have been attempting the Ripple stitch like this for years and as soon as I increase the afghan size(carefully counting in 20's)the increases and decreases dont line up or "stack up". How can this be? If the gauge is right, then I feel like I know what I am doing. Yet, the evidence is obvious. Something is screwy. Maybe its me. I have been trying so long and so hard. Could be I popped a screw in my brain. Its loose now.
  4. When I do the Valleys in a Ripple pattern sometimes there is a double strand over the valley. What causes this?
  5. newstitchaday it is. I think I will do a different pattern. I am starting the SC Ripple. We'll see how that goes.
  6. There is no picture that I could see. It sounded so simple. I dont have the site I got it off either. Should I just throw the pattern out? Where do I get another like it? Close Chevron .
  7. I have been trying this pattern for awhile now. It is a multiple of 11+1. I chained 22 and then added 1. It definitely did not turn out right. I was short. I only had one peak. If I did it right, I would have 2 peaks right? I cannot do the ripple stitch no matter how hard I try. No matter what the multiple. I really want to. But apparently I cant count.
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