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  1. This helps me so much! I’ve been reading it all wrong. Where it says “ch 3 counts as first dc”, I’ve been interpreting that as 1 of 2 dc in the first dc instead of it needing 3 to balance out the end of that row. Silly me. Thanks for all your help!!! 😊
  2. I believe I’m following it correctly in terms of the decreases and increases. However it’s the very end of the row or the beginning of it that trips me up. for example when it says ch 3, 2 dc in first dc, dc in next 10 dc - does that mean a total of 12? and the end when it says dc in the next 10 dc, 3 dc in top of beginning ch - does that mean a total of 13?
  3. Hi! I’m having difficulty with this chevron blanket pattern. In particular where it says rows 2-6. I find that as I continue, the rows get wider at the edges.
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