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    I love to crochet and I'm failing at knitting
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  1. Here's the last grouping of afghan pics. There were 3 that wouldn't load for some reason so here's the link to them. http://s232.photobucket.com/albums/ee196/krystalbarreira/Vets%20afghans/ Thank you again everyone for all the effort you put into this project!!!! Thank you, Krystal Barreira
  2. First off I just want you all to know I haven't forgotten you, I've been super busy organizing, washing and my laptop is down, so I'm at a friends house posting this. Second, I wanted to thank each and every one of you for all the effort you've put in, in helping me to accomplish this near and dear to my heart goal!!! We have surpased the goal of 40, I know that, but not sure how many there are til I count them after this post. Here I'm posting pics of the newest ones to the ones I've already posted. The only 3 not posted are the famous, self proclaimed "Road Kill Afghan" lol, and the 2 that a friend and I are sewing together. The "Road Kill Afghan" is curently in the wash. Please take time to take a look at these beautiful works of art that everyone has created, I hope your all as proud as I am!!!!
  3. Some more pics. I know I seem to always have an excuse as to why I'm not on. I just seem to be getting more bad news all the time. I feel great but I've found out I have stage 1 kidney disease. It never seems to end. Anyway I've just been bummed out and depressed, but mentally I'm feeling better now. But that's why I haven't been on. My mom visited me for my birthday and it cheered me up. We spent our time going to yard sales, thrift stores and crocheting of course. She's still a beginner crocheter, but she managed to make an afghan for this cause! I've gotten quite a few afghans and I'm going to post them now. The time is coming near and I have 37 completed afghans out of the 40 or more goal. You guys are so great! It cheers me up everytime a package comes in, it's so exciting and I can't wait til November, I know it's right around the corner, but it feels so far away!
  4. She is good at it isn't she!!!! Don't know what I would have done without all of you!!! I'm so excited!!!
  5. Sorry I haven't been on in the last week or two, or especially since I've recieved more afghans!!!!! I've gotten 5 beautiful afghans and some squares in the mail and my husband bought me a digital camera for my bday, so now I can take much better pics than I could with my phone camera. I had house guests for the last 2 weeks and now my Mom is coming tomorrow to visit from MO. So I've been going crazy non-stop on working on the house, getting her room ready for her and such, haven't even had time to pick up a hook. I will hopefully post pics Wednesday, she arrives tomorrow, so we'll be relaxing with her, and between her and me, we'll hopefully be able to get them posted! Not sure how many I have without looking at my signature, so I'm off to update that now! Thank you so much everyone for all your gracious help. November is coming fast and furious and we're getting there!
  6. Any colors your heart desires is just perfect! I'm sure the Vets will love all the afghans knowing it comes from the heart. I say do whatever you want cause every bit helps, the more I get, the more homes that are helped!
  7. 3 wow!! Thank you so much, that's wonderfull! Can't wait to see them! Thank you so much, Krystal
  8. And yes I agree, it seems all needle/yarn workers are very generous with their time and goods!
  9. Thank you so much! Can't wait to see them! I can't even figure out how to text on my dang new phone lol. I learned to take pics with it though, but when I hook it up to the pc, all I see is the pics from texts that people have sent me, and not the pics I've taken, uugghh. I have 3 afghans to post pics of left, one is already posted and called (by the owner I might add) the "Road Kill" lol. It's beautiful and heavy, it's gonna give a Vet lots of warmth!
  10. Hope you have a good vacation! Thank you so much for your gift, I'm gonna be in agony for a while waiting to see it!
  11. Hi everyone and thanks for all you've done for the Vets!!!! I live in the Camp Lejeune, NC area, which may get hit by Hurricane Earl on Thursday. We're suppose to at least feel some of the effects of Tropical Storm force weather minimum if it comes within 200 miles of us, which it is predicted as of now to be even closer. We won't know until tonight or tomorrow if we will be under evacuation orders, if we are mail won't run which would be perfect. If we're not under evacuation orders, we're still thinking of leaving for 2 days and I don't want the packages to get wet or worse, blown away. For those of you that have already mailed this week, I will be leaving a note on my front door, if I'm not going to be here, to leave packages on my covered back porch. But if you haven't mailed and were planning to this week, just please wait until Monday! Thank you everyone for everything! Thanks, Krystal
  12. I got the Road Kill afghan!!! It's very heavy, some cold Vet is gonna love it! Thanks!
  13. I've updated the count it's now 28 of 40 or more! Almost there, only need 12 more minimum! Remember if I get more than 40 they still go to Vets in another home. I've spoken with the lady that runs the home and she's very excited we're all doing this! Thank you all so much for your hard work! Keep it up!:cheer
  14. Thank you so much everyone!!!! I just got two more afghans the other day, they are beautiful! I'm technologically challegened as it is, so now that I figured out how to take and post pics with my last phone, I got a new one lol. Will post soon though, they are from Laura. Thank you all!!!! Krystal Barreira
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