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  1. Thank you all so much! I have found a new way to hold my yarn which allows me to better control the tension and also doesn’t make my hand hurt! Hooray!!! See pic below of the finished hat I crocheted for my brother in law for Christmas. Handmade Pom Pom on top. Finger-knot scarf for my mother in law from loopy yarn 😊
  2. Just finished this hat from spaghetti yarn for my brother in law for Christmas. It’s all double crochet and I used size 10mm hook. I also thought it would have too many holes, especially as a hat to keep his head warm, but the finished product looks much nicer than the rows by themselves! (Also I finger-knit the scarf pictured with loopy yarn for my mother in law! I ❤️ handmade gifts!)
  3. Thanks everyone - from what I can see here, it’s not holding my yarn that’s hurting, it’s how I’m holding my work... I’m holding it still with my yarn hand and it looks like many are using the hook hand to also hold the work. I’ll check out some videos too to see if I can get the hang of it! I’m working with some tshirt yarn now, doing double crochet and every stitch I have to stop and relax my hand... not very productive!! I’ll see if I can get my husband to take a picture of the whole thing to post.
  4. When I hold my yarn, I can only go a few stitches before my fingers start to hurt... it’s not my working hand it’s the one holding the yarn... picture below. I know it must be a bad habit but not sure what to do differently? Can you share pictures or ideas of how to hold? Thanks in advance!!
  5. Hello! I’m a workin mama of 2.5 yr old identical twin girls down in Texas! I love to crochet - got into it last year around Christmas time when my sister gifted me all her supplies! Also she gave me a bunch of hand embroidery supplies too. I love to do the repetitive work with my hands I guess - seems constant and calm compared to working full time and raising toddlers! Excited to gain inspiration and support from the group. Cheers!
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