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  1. Just had a brainstorm about the project carrier. Make a bag of fabric you like, big enough to slip the current bag on the framework into it. Make the flaps long enough to button, snap or tie at either side of the tiny bar. And the original stays intact. Since you don't sew,  you could use that iron on stuff that you put on a skirt to make a hem. Hand sew ribbon at the four corners to hold the bag on. The piece you cut for the bag needs about a half inch or more for "seams". Turn wrong side out and pin together to see if it fits. It's like a paper grocery bag with flaps on the two larger sides.

  2. Financially, the container in it's current condition, is worth more like it is. Take care of it and use it. Don't refinish the wood, either (if that's possible.) Antique items that are cleaned, sanded, changed in any way are devalued. I have the small wooden thread box with a curve top handle and two doors that open to reveal the inner space. I stripped it when I was young, before I found out I should not have. Your yarn carrier is great and it would probably have quite a few stories to tell about all the yarn things that were made by your grandmother.

  3. I may have stepped on toes of Cheesehead and her intro.  I'm just getting used to using this site.  I'm not a cheesehead,  just love everything Texas. Wasn't born here, but got here as fast as I could. Parents were in St Louis for a year where I was born and moved back to Dallas when I was about a year old.


    I love to knit, crochet, paint, have hand quilted a king size quilt (don't think I will ever do THAT again, and use a scrollsaw. I still have a real steady hand at 82. I enjoy starting new patterns and learn new things. I also teach crochet and knitting, from kids to seniors. Each of my grandmothers taught me the yarn skills and I'm grateful to them for that. Have a blessed day.


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