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  1. What does FWIW stand for? I just became a member last week. I do not know who "Donna" is. How do I reach her? I didn't log out lastnight but when I tried to get back in it said to log in. OMGOLLY! Shouldn't this be the job of whoever is in charge of this website??? I'm wondering if this is really even worth it???
  2. I know her patterns are using UK terms so if the pattern says to do a treble crochet, you should be doing a double crochet. This was the only thing I could think of. Good luck! Sorry, I just looked at the pattern and realized it's written in US terms. I guess I should've looked at the pattern first. Oops
  3. For 3 times in a row I haven't been able to log in using my password so I do "forgot my password" and get it reset. That part works fine but when I log out and then try to log back in it says my password isn't correct. Like I said, this has happened 3 times.
  4. Don't be embarrassed, look at my attempt of a dishtowel! I found out I had too many stitches in the first or last stitch. This may be the problem with your blanket too? I'll try to find the pattern I was using so I can give you more beginning and ending of row specifics. Here is the pattern for rows 2 and 3 that I followed. The problem had something to do with the HDCs on the end or maybe 2 in 1 stitch, don't quite remember exactly. I've attached a photo of the fixed version of my dishtowel. 😀 R2 - Ch1, Turn, HDC into next 2 Stitches, *Sk2, (SC, HDC, DC) into next stitch, repea
  5. Hi Tampa Doll! Thank you so much for your welcome and compliment on my "flowers", they're coasters for part of my niece's wedding gift. I'm 4 months late.😳 Lol
  6. I live in Florissant, CO with my hubby. We have a beautiful 25 year old daughter who lives in Colorado Springs. I was taught to crochet in 1976 by my then mother-in-law and continued crocheting only for about 3-4 years, but started again about 10 years ago knitting and crocheting prayer shawls for church but stopped due to arthritis and carpal tunnel. Then about a year ago I started again re-teaching myself on YouTube and other sites online. I've learned alot just this past year and already have been told I have a real talent for it. I love crochet and yarn!! I have health issues and no longe
  7. I just found this site when looking about neck pain. Just wanted to mention sometimes you need to open the app for Joann's online. I'm able to see the metallic yarn so maybe if you get the app it would help. Good luck though, I know it's frustrating! Sorry if anyone else already suggested this.
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