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  1. Hi, I've only done Afghans with a single crochet. I was wanting to try something different. I have my foundation chain made, but I am not sure what to do for the next row. Do I do a row of single crochet and then on the next row (3rd row) start the front loop single crochet? Or do I just start crocheting the front loop stitch right away on the 2nd row? Thanks for the help!
  2. Hi, I recently bought some baby yarn since it was so soft. I am wanting to make an Afghan out of it. I've never worked with yarn so thin before. It's #3 light yarn. I think a single crochet stitch would make the afghan to light. I am wondering if there is a stitch that could make thicker stitches hence making a thicker afghan with the yarn. Are there stitches that can do that? Thanks for any help, xturtletoex
  3. Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions!
  4. Hello, I'm pretty new to crocheting. I am looking to create a stocking for Christmas. The easier it is the better. I'm not looking for anything fancy right now. The less pieces te better. I have never read a pattern before, but am fine with looking things up as I go for anything needed. Any help would be great! Thank you
  5. Hello, I'm pretty new to crocheting and am working on a basic single stitch (US) afghan. I use the magic knot to connect my next skein of yarn. However the last color I put on, the knot came undone. Fortunately I was only a few rows in so I undid it and retied the knot. It made me think though. What would I have done if this had happened in the middle or the beginning. So my question is: What do I do if a knot comes undone in my afghans? Is there a fabric glue I can buy to fix that connection? What do I do if in the future I need to? Thanks for the help.
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