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  1. Thank you so very much! I am now immersed in the link you gave me and learning so much! I am 72 and my spinster Great Aunt was a master tatter and crocheter. I have a tablecloth she created and a few pillowcases with her tatted edgings...I treasure them. I also regret not learning how to crochet when she offered to teach me..I was to young to appreciate the craft sadly. This spread really holds no sentimental value for me although I appreciate the time and love that it took to make it. I would love to find someone who can repair the small places where the stitching has come loose so that someone can enjoy it. Thank you again.. Judy
  2. I have a crocheted spread that was given to me by my ex mother-in-law who has now passed. Her mother made it I guess in the early 1900's. I would love to know the pattern and stitches she used as it is gorgeous. Thanks in advance! Judy
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