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  1. dansgirl

    Pants Pattern

    PLEASE HELP! I'm new at this and don't understand the joining the pants legs to the torso. Do the 5 or 6 sc stitches (depends on which pattern used) go in one dc? I"ve tried every way and can't get them right. There are so many pretty pants outfits but they all have the same instructions in joining the legs. Can someone please me?
  2. I love your patterns but I'm having so much trouble joining my pants legs together. Somewhere I've missed something. It says to join with 6 sc, ch 1. and ect. Do the 6 sc go in one stitch. I'm kind of new at this. I noticed all of your patterns I love have pants that says about the same thing. I need help, I guess in understanding patterns. Please can you help me. I love your doll clothes.
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