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    Thanks so much for the reply! The author of the pattern had no clue. I think I was using lionheart. It was definitely acrylic, and I would guess my tension on the looser side. I would like to repeat the pattern, I will try to"hang it".
  2. Hello my name is Randi,- I live in Oregon . I love to crochet because I find it very relaxing and rewarding. I think my skill is possibly intermediate. I have crocheted scarves, doilies, hats, Afghans, scrubbies. I am very much interested in learning more clothing work.. just finished my first sweater ever. There is a question about stretching in hello forum! Also love Tunisian crotchet, don't write knife wheat to do with it. Love the idea of crochet with people !
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    I crocheted my very 1st sweater for myself Ah size a large from a pattern called the every day card again. It came out beautiful it was just the right length like to the top of my thighs. But every day I wear it it seems to get a little bit longer. It is now pretty much at my knees. I would like to make 2 more of these but I would like them to stay mid thigh. What can I do the stitch used was half double crochet.
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