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  1. Charm

    My first RR!

    Looks great, nice and sharp with the colors
  2. Charm

    Sick of RR's yet?

    thanks so much i think i complain about the never ending rows every time i make one LOL they are fun to do tho
  3. Charm

    Sick of RR's yet?

    Finished this one up for a friends b-day last week... she loved it! it felt like it would never end.. the final size was 6 feet across. thanks for looking
  4. Charm

    Hubby's Blanket

    great color, looks cozy!
  5. Charm

    Round and Round.

    that is one great RR, i love those colors
  6. Charm

    Amish Star

    oh wow amazing! how long did that take?
  7. Charm

    Torpedo fish

    no not at all, i just started with a slip loop, did ch2, then 8 or so SC (depending how thick the yarn was) pulled the loop shut, then just kept going around in SC till it was as long as i wanted, stuffed it, then i pinched the ends flat together and closed it up, made a chain 3 in the corner, turned and made a few DC for the tail. hope that helps BTW, the cat went crazy for these! right away he scooped one into his paw and when he dropped it, it was game on LOL... silly cats
  8. that looks great! i love the beads and the warm colors.
  9. Charm

    Torpedo fish

    just some little catnip toys i made for a friends cat.
  10. mimi is a chihuahua min-pin mix shes about 10 lbs i really cant get over how much alike they look lol i could understand if it was a full breed, but a mix? its funny
  11. AWWWWWWWW! its looks like my mimi (in my avatar) how cute! the blanket is great btw EDIT to add an older pic of mimi..
  12. Wow thats very generous Thanks i will pm you, i wouldnt feel right just paying postage tho!
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