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    I'm 17 and a crochet master. I love designing and making crochet gifts.
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  1. Pattern Description: Capmuff earwarming headband, for going over baseball or duckbill caps. Pattern Style: Traditional Skill Level: Yarn/Material/Tools Required: Bernat Blanket yarn in any color, a one in. button, yarn needle, two hair elastics, size K crochet hook. Tester Information Number of Testers Needed: 5 Approximate Time Required to Complete Project: 45 min. Deadline: None! I'm not sure why, but I'm not getting any answers... Tester Experience: This is a pattern for just about any skill level, and a good skill builder for beginners. However, I would like some experts as well, so they can spot any mistakes easier. Tester Responsibilities: Complete pattern, some good quality photos of finished product, and any notes/corrections/or comments. Any Special Software Requirements: PDF reader; just about any device has one. Compensation: Free copy of final pattern! If interested, please send me an email to craftingatthepoole@gmail.com or reply to this post. Thank you and God Bless!
  2. Whoops! Forgot to close it! Thanks for reminding me! And no, this post wasn't just for that pattern. I am in the middle of writing the next one. But I think I'll just open a new one...
  3. No, they are more like really short and fat worms. Here's the link if you'd like. https://www.etsy.com/listing/705117607/squishimo-crochet-pattern-stress-ball?ref=shop_home_active_6
  4. Sure! I'll need your email to send you the pattern, if I post it here anyone can grab it! Not a huge issue but I'd rather not have copies floating around the internet. That yarn is a size smaller, so the Squishimo will be a bit smaller.
  5. Hi Lilly! Here's a direct link, if you really want to see it. I don't have everything listed yet, and some things are expiring tonight I won't be renewing. 20 cents per listing for four months isn't worth it, I'll wait for a Christmas bazaar. https://www.etsy.com/shop/craftingatthepoole/ Sadly, unless you use a parent's account as your own, you can't open an etsy shop in your own name until you are 18. Ask your parents first, 'cause you need to hook up a bank account. Just some small things to start with, here's a pic of the one I have the pattern for finished. They're little stress ball amigurumi, which will hopefully interest you, since I think you said that's all you like! I too can't just sit down and crochet a baby blanket. Not unless I have a really good reason and am watching a movie. The other stuff I have so far to convert into patterns are a new design of fingerless gloves in a stitch pattern I came up with, a muff that goes over a baseball cap made out of bernat blanket yarn, and some other random stuff.
  6. I am 17 and have been crocheting since for a little over three years now, I have my own Etsy shop that I am currently writing patterns for, I need pattern testers! The first one is done and ready to be tested. Check the testers section for more info. craftingatthepoole.etsy.com or craftingatthepoole at gmail dot com. Happy Crafting!
  7. I am an experienced crocheter, and am designing some cute and simple patterns to start with. I do need some pattern testers, and you would keep the pattern of course, all I ask is a good photo and any comments and/or corrections. If you would like to test my patterns, send me an Etsy Convo here: www.craftingatthepoole.etsy.com Or email me here: craftingatthepoole at gmail dot com. Or reply to this post! I hope to hear from some enthusiasts soon! Edit: Most of what I make is in Bernat blanket yarn, and the pattern I have available for testing at this moment uses it.
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