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  1. Hello and thank you for welcoming me to this group of amazing crafters. I haven't been on here because I have the flu real bad, but as soon as I get better I will be on here more often. Thank you again. And I hope everyone here has an amazing Thanksgiving.
  2. Good morning everyone, My name is Gail and I love crocheting, I especially love making beautiful unique throws with names, scarfs, and a few hat as well. I love trying out different stitches which I look at on YouTube. Crocheting keeps me grounded, it calms the pain that I am going through since I fell on my job, it motivates me, and I love coming up with amazing ideas. I do freeform crocheting, I never use patterns and my items are always unique and pretty. I am from Louisiana! I am so glad I found Crochetville.
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