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    crochet, knitting, tatting, needle lace, bobbin lace, embroidery, sewing, woodworking and gardening
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    my absolute passion is lace making
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  1. Last night daughter was telling me about a new book I can't remember the title, I'll get it later. Anyway the author had an idea to pass (in person) a sketch book from artist to artist, each adding a sketch, to let it travel around the world and I thought what a GREAT idea!!! What do Crochetvillers think of passing a blanket around the world villager to villager? Each adding a little bit of our favorite stitches (and some of our stash) :0) to it and sending it on to the next villager, posting pics of it as it goes? Could it work out? How big could 82000 villagers make it? Bigger than the Guinness record?
  2. Hi, how adorable -minion twins! cant wait to see pics :0)
  3. Hi, look for old magazines in thrift stores from the 1950's they usually have lots of hats :0)
  4. crochete


    Hi, good luck with your vest
  5. Oh I miss that... it was 13 degrees when I got up this morning...going to be a cold winter
  6. Thanks, it was "fun" working that pattern split out :-)
  7. Was wondering what everyone's fave stitch is, glad I found this thread. Mine is more of an edging though it can be used in a pattern. I try to incorporate it everywhere I can just because I just love making them. It's ch 2, then hdc into the 2nd from the hook. It looks like tiny roses.
  8. Thanks, I am such a nerd for old magazines. Magic Crochet is one of my faves and the old, old Workbasket magazine too. I just saw that you're in AZ, I grew up in page, it is so cold here today you have me missing the desert...brrr Love your pumpkins on the other thread, I would have claimed em too :0)
  9. My daughter (14) was thumbing thru a 1998 Magic Crochet magazine and found this tablecloth she begged me to transform it into a shawl.... Took me a little more than 3 months and 5 balls of size 10 thread and anitique button...finally got it done though 🤪
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